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Jazz Aviation Pilot Collective Agreement

The 2015 collective agreement provided pilots with a solid foundation to seize opportunities, which they did in January 2019, when Jazz Aviation and Air Canada reached an agreement to extend their CPA until 2035. The pilot page of the agreement, called MOS-4, was the only work obligation Air Canada needed to extend the CPA for the next 17 years. Although the long-term deal was controversial, 72 percent of jazz pilots voted in favor of the deal and it became the biggest achievement of the year for the Jazz MEC. “Without the luxury of owning the flight and being a `contract holder`, this long-term agreement offers unprecedented stability and security in our industry,” he said. According to Buraglia, this type of job security is very difficult to achieve in the CPA world. Jazz Aviation LP has a strong history in Canadian aviation, with roots dating back to the 1930s. “I sincerely thank jazzPiloten for taking this opportunity for an expanded and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Air Canada,” said Joe Randell, President and CEO of Chorus. Halifax-based Chorus Aviation announced on January 31 that pilots at its Subsidiary Jazz Aviation had ratified amendments to the collective agreement that was tentatively adopted on January 14. Home “Press Releases” Jazz pilots ratify the employment contract “I have to pay tribute to our negotiating committee and several members of the MEC,” Buraglia said. They have worked tirelessly across the country, not once, but twice, to ensure that our pilots have all the information and facts necessary to make an informed decision for their ratification vote. Part of the expanded CPA also brought air Georgian aircraft back to Jazz.

Under MOS-4, jazz pilots offered their Air Georgian colleagues a smooth landing by equalizing those who want to become jazz pilots with a position within the airline based on rental dates. As Jazz Aviation continues to hire in record numbers, about half of the current group of pilots does not realize the company`s rich history. Jazz dates back to 1934, making it the oldest airline in Canada. The airline is a collection of more than 25 former airlines. And many of today`s jazz pilots have begun to engage with the airline with previous companies such as Air Alliance, Air BC, Air Ontario, Air Nova and Canadian Regional, to name a few. Not surprisingly, in early 2019, when the pilots of Air Georgian, another group of pilots represented by ALPA, which lost its Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) that flew to Jazz Aviation, joined Jazz. “We are proud of our history of successful integration of pilot groups and the respectful treatment of our colleagues, and we welcome our Air Georgian ALPA colleagues to jazz,” said Capt. Claude Buraglia, president of the Master Executive Council (MEC) of jazz pilots. For the future, the priority is to secure the pilot volunteers for the MEC, which will continue to look for new opportunities to gradually improve the working conditions of pilots.

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