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Horizon Europe Grant Agreement

Online presentation of grant agreements for the next research and innovation framework programme, Horizon Europe 2021-2027. It will focus on legal and financial news, and issues related to general funding rules and changes in staff costs will be the subject of particular attention. With the new enterprise model subsidy agreement, the European Commission is proposing more user-friendly contracts, with a single structure, better legibility and improved content and functionality. The new MGA will thus be aligned with the European Regulation of July 2018, a selection of legislation relevant to the EU budget. The new Corporate MGA is mandatory for all support programs and can be adapted to the rules specific to action. In early October, the European Commission announced the progress of streamlining the many standard paper and electronic subsidy agreements (MGA). The new corporate MGA, which will be used from 2021, harmonizes contractual models and guidelines for all post-2020 programmes such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, Erasmus and many others. The Commission is also conducting a streamlined audit process and aims to strengthen the use and dissemination of Horizon Europe`s results. Exploitation and Dissemination attaches particular importance to ip management and open science, including the use by third parties and the use of the Horizon Results platform as part of the financing and tendering portal, to ensure the visibility of actionable results. There will also be provisions for a result ownership list and an emergency public provision – that is, the right to ask the recipient to issue a non-exclusive licence on fair and equitable terms. Presentation 1: Overview, Situation and Financial Provisions Reporting to Corporate MGA is divided into periodic and ongoing reports. Reasons for reduction, suspension and termination will be more aligned with the new financial regulation.

In addition, the day-to-day approach to staff costs will be a fixed provision for all programs and will have to be calculated according to pre-defined formulas. The specific provisions in Appendix 5 will cover topics such as security, ethics, values, IPR, communication, dissemination, open science and visibility. Appendix 5 also contains all the specific provisions relating to the implementation of the measures concerned. The meeting will be addressed to the Research and Innovation Community of Catalonia and, in particular, to those responsible for European research and innovation projects. Anyone with questions can send them to [email protected] before 10/25/2020. These questions are addressed to stakeholders in order to better tailor the meeting to the needs and interests of the participants. (Questions about certain aspects of a project or organization are not accepted. Sending a question does not automatically mean that it is addressed during the meeting). Presentation 3: Exploitation, IPR – Open Science in Horizon Europe Team of National Contact Points for Legal and Financial Aspects (CDTI-SOST; FECYT; CSIC; and UPV) Check out a recording of the EC`s Novelties in Horizon Europe MGA workshop on 9 October 2020 or download the presentations: The Audit System and Process (SPA) offers a simplified and transparent risk-based Horizon Europe control strategy that better links different areas of control and improves risk and fraud detection and prevention. The BSG`s objective is to reduce the audit burden for beneficiaries. Pnb data will be reviewed in search of selected beneficiaries and further consultations with EC stakeholders and central services will be monitored.

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