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Hamilton Agreement

He has a well imo point, not in the sense that he has to drive for Ferrari, but why not Red Bull? He has the chance to face one of the other two best drivers of this era, and if Mercedes goes with 2 Bottas riders could even win the title, a tough title for once, it looks like Hamilton didn`t have many, 2008, 2018? I would not say more. Much of Hamilton`s feelings leave little room for interpretation and, in all likelihood, Hamilton and Mercedes will quickly reach an agreement at the start of negotiations. Villeneuve had a great rookie season, not many riders except Hamilton did better, he was immediately aware. Yes, that would be nice, indeed, I`m pretty sure of Hamilton and verstappen in a little less red Bull than Merc can compete with Bottas type drivers. LH probably any agreement for a new contract for as long as possible in the hope that it will maximize what it is offered. Don`t you think he`s thinking for a second about not running next year, why wouldn`t he? He actually knows that 2021 is an almost certainty for another WDC, because there is only a minimum of development allowed this winter, and he knows that Bottas has no chance of beating him in a direct fight in the same machine. In addition, there is no indication that he is not riding and that he is not in decline as a racing team, and I am sure he is curious to test himself under the new rules of 2022. So I think he will sign for 2021-2022 in the hope of taking both WDCs, probably not beyond, because if Merc comes to terms with it and makes some sort of “2020 Ferrari” for the 2022 car, he won`t want to commit to driving for more than a season in what they produce. Strengthening the National Government The second issue is not the Constitution itself, but the interpretation of Finance Minister Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton believed in a strong central authority and was convinced that the Constitution gave him the tacit power to pursue a fiscal policy that strengthened the strength of the national government. Such a policy was a federal acceptance of any public debt, estimated at the time to be about $25 million. Hamilton believed that this policy would standardize the nation`s accounts, help establish America`s credit abroad, and make the federal government the highest tax administration. In addition, it would bind the small group of wealthy businessmen who held most of the debt to the national government; as he prospered, they would prosper. I also think Hamilton`s social activism is bad for business. Mercedes does not want to get upset and lose customers. My prognosis is that Hamilton won`t stay. “I wanted to put it aside and wait for the work to be done.

So probably in the next few weeks – we have three weeks in the Middle East – it`s a little cooler now, but I still have three races to win. As Ferrari hired Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr and Red Bull next year signed a long-term contract for Max Verstappen, it seems that there are no attractive offers against Mercedes for Hamilton, while the team has no hard-fought free-race winner to address if he leaves. In the midst of a pandemic and with Hamilton, who does not want to return to the hectic life he led before this year, these details are undoubtedly unique in his F1 contract negotiations.

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