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Art Broker Commission Agreement

Consumer rights: refers to the rights enshrined in the regulations and referred to in point 2B (h) that a member of the PAF seller must expressly provide in his terms of transaction of the FAP. Transaction concluded: refers to a transaction that has been duly concluded. Contract: the legally binding and enforceable agreement that can be entered into between a buyer and/or seller and/or an art broker when a transaction is concluded. Data: refers to both personal and financial data. Data protection law: refers to all applicable data protection laws, rules, legal and regulatory requirements and codes of conduct. Delivery-By-Hand: refers to one of the delivery options that an MAB member can choose for which delivery is made at his own risk. Delivery fee: refers to the costs to be paid by the party concerned for the supply of a work of art, if any. Delivery options: refers to DIY delivery, hand delivery and delivery via the MAB-Approved shipper. Dispute point: refers to any dissatisfaction expressed by or against a member of the MAB or an art broker in connection with a transaction or by a member of the MAB against MAB in connection with the provision of the services of the CIVILE SOCIETY. DIY Delivery: Refers to one of the delivery options that a member of the MAB can choose, in which you must arrange and pay for your own delivery at your own risk. Trust account: refers to an account on which all fees are deposited until delivery and acceptance, after which the same thing (except for the applicable deductions withheld) is released to the member of the IP seller. Buyer of the PAF: a member of the PAF who acts as a buyer. FAP member: a commercial expert in the visual arts who has been admitted and is registered as a member of the MAB on the MAB platform and who buys, sells or intends to purchase one or more works of art in one or more lists.

Seller of the PAF: an FAP member who acts as a salesman. PAF transaction terms: refers to the contractual terms of the PAF seller that govern the transaction with a member of the IP buyer. The fee includes AB taxes, MAB platform fees and, if applicable, delivery fees. Fine Art Professional (FAP): may be a commercial seller or a buyer on the MAB platform. Gross product: Includes: If you have a high quality item or an entire collection and you already have an unsatisfactory offer or you have first-hand experience with any of the above situations, we are certainly always willing to work on your behalf to get the most important price in the current market. This will depend on whether you or your employees no longer offer the item or collection directly or through other brokers, traders or auction houses. We have often placed items offered by others that have sometimes sold more than the price for which it had been offered before. It`s harder to sell a piece at the best price when photos of the work have been electronically released, which can happen in seconds today! These conditions include THE MAB`s privacy policy, MAB`s cookie policy and the terms of use of the DEAB platform, which together represent the entire agreement between you and MAB regarding your use of the DEAB platform and/or services, and which relay all prior assurances, incentives or agreements regarding its property.

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